• How To Choose The Right Product Packaging

    The product packaging needs to be secure and strong for the transportation, storage and sales, meanwhile attractive for the consumers. As when the goods arrived at your customer side, the packaging is the first physically interacting with your products and your brand. We have already known the im...
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  • About Packaging Materials

    When we mentioned about the packaging Materials, we can divide it into paper based packaging and plastic based packaging etc. For the paper based packaging, the most commonly used materials are paperboard, cardboard, corrugated, rigid, art paper and Kraft paper. For the plastic based packaging, t...
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  • The Importance Of The Packaging

    Product Packaging is referred to the cartons, boxes, bags, blisters, inserts, stickers and labels etc. Product Packaging can provide suitable protection to prevent the products from being damaged during the transportation, storage and sales process. Besides the protection function, the product ...
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